Why Choose Professional Designers Over AI Logo Makers?

Why Choose Professional Designers Over AI Logo Makers?

August 13, 2022 0 By pamelajohnson

Given the rise of artificial intelligence and new logo-making tools, you might assume that designers will soon become obsolete. What need for humans when a computer can produce an acceptable logo in seconds? But as CNN noted in response to this AI trend, “The joke is on them.” The very people AI and logo-creation tools appear to be threatening—professional designers—are actually the ones who will thrive in this new landscape. Here’s why.


AI Is Great, But It’s Incomplete

AI can be fantastic in many ways. It can create groundbreaking art, music, writing, and marketing. It can drive cars, analyze medical data, and diagnose diseases. It can flip burgers, if you want it to. The list of AI’s accomplishments is long. And that’s just the problem. AI is so incredibly capable in some areas, but in others, it’s still at an early stage. Kukoo Creative Logo Design is one of those areas. Logo design is an art, but it’s also a science. It’s about choosing the right font for the right audience and the right message. It’s about understanding the rules of branding and marketing, and knowing how to apply them to achieve the best results.


Professional Designers Are Educated In Much More Than Logo Design

A designer doesn’t just create a logo. They create a brand. Logo design is one part of that. Only a designer will make sure your logo actually represents the values of your company and is appropriate for your industry. A designer will also make sure your website looks great, your social media posts are the right length and style, and your printed materials are well-designed. A designer will collaborate with you to understand your company, goals, and customers. They’ll ask questions, conduct research, and use their expertise to make sure you’re using the right strategy. This can’t be translated into an algorithm. It requires a human.

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AI Has a Blind Spot: Meaning and Culture

While AI can create a logo, it can’t create meaning. A human logo designer will use their knowledge of your industry and brand to understand what your logo needs to convey. They’ll ask questions, conduct research, and use their expertise to make sure your logo represents what you want it to. And they’ll do so in a way that’s culturally appropriate and sensitive. Unfortunately, AI can’t create cultural awareness and sensitivity. While the AI logo-making apps that have recently come out claim to do this, the logos they create still fall short of what a human designer can produce.


Humans Still Win When It Comes to Creativity and Collaboration

Humans are creative creatures. We’re capable of dreaming up things AI and even other humans can’t imagine. Unfortunately, AI can’t think creatively. It can’t go beyond what it’s programmed to do. Meanwhile, humans are creative problem solvers. We learn, we understand, and we adapt. We’re also great collaborators. Humans are capable of working together and sparking each other’s creativity to come up with the best ideas. AI can’t collaborate. Instead, it works in silos. It doesn’t understand other departments or teams. It doesn’t come up with better ideas by combining ideas with other departments. It can’t adapt and grow like humans can. AI is static, while humans are flexible.


Bottom line

AI is incredible, and it’s likely to do great things in the future. But it’s important to remember that AI is incomplete. While it may be able to create a logo, it can’t create meaning or cultural awareness. It can’t create great ideas or collaborate. It can’t be creative or problem solve. AI may be able to create a logo, but at this point, it can’t replace the expertise of professional designers. In short, logos designed with AI are okay, at best. They’ll do the job, but they won’t stand out in a crowded market. They won’t make you money or attract clients. If you want your logo to be effective, you need a human designer.