What Is a Road Sweeper?

What Is a Road Sweeper?

August 12, 2022 0 By Admin

A Road Sweeper may be a person who cleans the streets, or it can be a machine that does the same thing. In any case, it is important to know the difference between the two terms to make the right choice. Listed below are some important things to consider when choosing a Road Sweeper. And remember, if you’re looking for the best equipment, read on! We’ll cover some of the top models available today.

FIMAP4 Twin Action 3,5 cu.m

Whether you need a high-volume sweeping machine or a smaller unit, you’ll find the FIMAP4 Twin Action 3,5 cu.m Road Sweeper perfect for your needs. The Twin Action system allows you to operate on bumpy surfaces while avoiding excessive wear from rigid elements. This allows you to follow the profile of the ground with ease. Designed for continuous applications, this street sweeper also offers vacuum-assist technology.

Rider 1201 ride on floor sweeper

The Eureka Rider 1201 ride on floor sweeper is a powerful, compact and durable machine. Its sweeping path is 1.2 metres and turning radius is one metre, making it a suitable machine for cleaning dusty floors and narrow spaces. Its battery pack provides two to three hours of operation, and its washable filter ensures complete fine dust control. This machine is highly durable and is ideal for warehouse cleaning, construction sites and other industrial applications.

The Operator can easily operate the Rider 1201 ride on floor sweeper with just a single pedal. The machine’s dashboard includes controls for the forward and reverse drive, the main brush, side brushes, an electric filter-shaker control and a vacuum cut off device. Its main brush features a self-levelling floating design that can be adjusted without the use of tools. The multi-branching main brush is 70 cm in width and has heavy and fine bristle sections. The battery-operated model is easy to maneuver and guarantees superior performance.


The SmartWind Road Sweeper is a compact, 100% electric ride-on sweeper that is ideal for sweeping small to medium sized areas. Its steer-by-wire motion system allows the operator to change direction in an instant, making it a safe and maneuverable machine. In addition, it reduces noise levels by up to 40%. In addition, the SmartWind is 100% emission-free, thanks to its electrical motors.

With a runtime of eight to 10 hours, the SmartWind can handle a variety of tasks. Thanks to its low voltage, it is highly recyclable and has a zero emissions footprint. The battery chargers can be mounted either on-board or external, and can be adapted for different voltages and power ratings. This means that the machine can work efficiently in different areas, without disrupting traffic.

ISO Road Sweeper

ISO Road Sweepers meet and exceed the specifications of the International Standard Organization (ISO). Their performance is measured in quantitative numerical format, allowing for direct comparison of sweepers of similar classification. ISO tests sweepers for their kerb climbing and step clearance capability. Although the test does not specify a pass/fail standard for efficiency measurements, it applies to truck mounted equipment, towed equipment, and attached sweeping equipment. The ISO test is carried out using a representative machine model.

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