Wedding Party Ideas for Children in Attendance

Wedding Party Ideas for Children in Attendance

September 14, 2022 0 By Admin

If you’re planning a wedding with children in attendance, be sure to include some fun activities and entertainment. This will allow parents to relax and enjoy the event, and it will minimize the chances of trouble. Hire a DJ or pop-up karaoke booth and organize a few games to keep everyone entertained.

Personalized memory games are a fun way to keep guests entertained. Use photos of the bridal party to create a game. Personalized mason jars make wonderful party favors. You can also have a monogrammed planter made with the bride and groom’s initials or new family name, and then plant a houseplant in it!

The welcome toast can be an excellent way to break the ice. Make sure to announce guests and thank them for their presence at the reception. This will start the party with a bang. For additional fun wedding party ideas, use pictures of the bride and groom’s grandparents or parents on their wedding day. They will treasure these photos for years to come!

Creating a party favor that serves as a party favor can also help the guests find their seats. You can attach cards with the guests’ names to the favors. These cards should be arranged alphabetically so guests can easily find their seats. You can also give out colored pencils or play games with the guests. Another idea is to have guests sign thank-you notes in the favors.

After-wedding parties are another great way to celebrate the wedding. These can be held in backyards or larger houses where guests can celebrate the new marriage. Make sure the party is accompanied by good food and music. The atmosphere should be fun. You can also hold these after-wedding parties at other venues, such as hotels or chartered boats.

Another wedding party entertainment is to create a mixed-gender wedding party. You can include a groomswoman or flower girls. They can match each other’s clothing or have her wear a different color. A mixed-gender wedding party can also involve a bridesmaid.

Fire performers are another great way to entertain. These performers use a variety of props like hula-hoops, fire poi, and juggling. They can also perform stunts and fire-eating. As a wedding favor, you can also give your guests a small gift as a token of appreciation. Various materials, such as velvet pressed flower paper, metallic foils, and thick parchment, can be used for this purpose.