Ways To Make Your Happy Hour Successful

Ways To Make Your Happy Hour Successful

July 30, 2022 0 By EricWala

Happy Hour is really the happiest time of the day.

For customers, Happy Hour gives the perfect opportunity to relax with friends and coworkers for the Liter Discount and Nacho which is half price. For restaurant owners, Happy Hour helps get more customers at the door, get more orders at the post bar, and provide a good-win-win-win-win underline.

But like mixing the perfect cocktail, you need the right ingredients to make your happy hour successful. Every restaurant can offer special drinks, but you should provide a great experience if you want customers to stop by during this time (and survive for dinner).

What is Happy Hour?

The first thing is the first, let’s answer the question “What is Happy Hour?”

Whatever you call, social hours, discounted drinks, cocktails that are saving-happy hour is a magical time. When drinks and appetizers are discounted in many restaurants and bars. This discount ranges from two-for-one offers to special prices for certain food and drink comboes.

In terms of time, it happened in the afternoon and early early because it was a pause between the end of the working day and the beginning of the hurry of dinner. However, Happy Hour can take place almost all the time (or night) depending on the type of restaurant you run.

But while this promotion has been a secret weapon of the restaurant industry for some time, it is important to show that some states do not really like this practice.

4 Reasons Why Happy Hour is good for your restaurant

Of course, it sounds a lot for customers who don’t like discount sliders and half-price drinks?

But what is in it for you as a restaurant owner?

Although it may seem opposite to intuition to offer discounts as a way to increase sales, Happy Hour can be the key to larger checks for slow time a day. Below, we dive into some of the main benefits of being the host of this type of promotion in your restaurant.

1. Direct traffic and increase sales

The biggest (and best) reason is that this is a good business.

According to a 2018 Nielsen study, a bar and a.s. restaurant. produces 60.5% of the average weekly sales from Happy Hour – even with large discounts on the table. In addition, the average happy hour check is $ 68.99, which is $ 8 more than checks on average during another time a day.

In addition to the larger check size, this is also a good way to carry more customers at the door for a slower time a week. As Nielsen reported, “Happy hour traffic Wednesday is an average of 23.9% higher than other weekdays,” Making it “the fourth most worthwhile day for bars and restaurants.”

2. Upsell Command

The part of the reason that Happy Hour can be very profitable is because they present many opportunities to improve (the art is slightly increasing customer order costs).

In other words, just because the promise of a discount drink menu makes people at the door, that does not mean that everyone finally pays the lowest price.

3. Get new customers

There is no doubt that Happy Hour can be a good way to increase temporary sales. But, it can also be a recipe for long -term success.

Instead of thinking about Happy Hour as an event one time, consider an audition for your restaurant. This customer feels what your restaurant in the Woodlands offers. If you do it right, you will make customers want more.

The way to ensure your new guest turns into a loyal permanent visitor is to offer a version of ordinary food and drink menu that is strictly cured. When exposed to a mini espresso martini your restaurant or sheep burger is the size of a slider, you increase the possibility that guests will order full portions in the future.

4. Produce buzz for your restaurant

In general, Happy Hour is not a mysterious business that needs to be covered in confidentiality – unless you run Speakeasy! Conversely, this time it is seen as a social event that can produce a lot of buzz for your business.

Using social media, signs of tables, and even word of mouth marketing, you can build brand awareness by promoting your happy hour drinks and your special food. According to the Touch Bistro’s How Diners Choose Restaurants report, 80% of the restaurant audience will visit a new restaurant that is fully based on receiving discounts or promotions.