Use Of Interactive Boards In The Classroom

Use Of Interactive Boards In The Classroom

July 28, 2022 0 By EricWala

Most of us grow up using blackboards in schools and traditional dry boards in our professional lives. Analog technology may always have a place in the world, but if you have ever used interactive whiteboards, it is clear that digital technology has a very large positive side.

What is an interactive blackboard?

Interactive blackboard, sometimes called interactive smart blackboards or electronic blackboard, is an educational technology tool that allows teachers to display computer screens or their mobile device screens on whiteboards mounted on a wall or cellular basket. Unlike traditional projectors and screens, students and teachers can interact, collaborate, and even manipulate data on the touch screen using their fingers or stylus tools.

Have you used an interactive digital whiteboard in the classroom for many years, or you think of adding it to your technology pile, here are some of the benefits and tips for getting maximum results from them.

1. Catch great ideas

The most obvious benefit of an interactive whiteboard is that it is your empty canvas. The teacher can use it to make a list of subjects to examine or make a list of implications from any topic that is being discussed. The list can be captured, distributed or even changed to a starting point for student homework assignments.

Just print notes. Better, publish them as PDF to your website or their email so students can access them at home. Digital file sharing helps reduce paper use and support your school green initiative. For example, with a sharp aquos board, you can store digital ink layers, then capture screenshots that you can save, send emails, or send on your website.

2. Create a multimedia presentation

You can surpass one page when you put your whiteboard screen recording device to work. Many blackboards make it possible to record audio, and with online screen recording devices, you can create multimedia presentations directly from the content on your board. Utilizing many ways whiteboards can capture information help integrate several different learning styles, either through visual, hearing or direct interaction.

3. Teach collaborative problem solving skills

With an interactive whiteboard as a central tool, the teacher can ask questions to the group and submit control to students to let them solve the problem. Students can get directly and collaborate using an interactive blackboard. Because it is connected to the internet, they can use online information to help them come to conclusions. Even long distance students can participate and provide feedback in real time.

4. Reaching students in a new way

Maybe the biggest advantage offered by interactive whiteboards is the ability for your students to interact with subject matter and manipulate the object right on the blackboard. Research shows that children learn the best when lessons serve various learning styles. For example, interactive lessons that make children rise and get out of their chairs attract kinesthetic students.

5. Keep all students involved in learning

How can interactive blackboards make students involved in lessons? With interactive tools, instead of always calling students who seem to always raise their hands, you can make sure everyone has a voice. Enter the previous student name in a random name generator, then select students when their names appear. You can also use this tool to determine random groups for fast activities. Because young people today are digital signage software natives, digital whiteboard functionality is easily adopted.

6. Leverage Online Resources

Interactive whiteboards can support many free resources and ready -to -use lesson plans available online. Graphics, sound, and special effects are ready for use; All you need to do is plug in variables for your own lessons. And, of course, in addition to online resources and text -based lessons, interactive whiteboards also support video presentations and powerpoint.


This example shows how interactive whiteboard and free online lessons and applications can join to make modern digital classroom learning classrooms that are much more fun and effective.