Best Facebook Ad Placements for Your Goals

Best Facebook Ad Placements for Your Goals

August 2, 2022 0 By Scarlett Watson

Best Facebook Ad Placements for Your Goals

With various choices to consider, launching Facebook ads is a difficult task for anyone advertising. In addition to managing different audiences and selecting the most appropriate objective and design decision. You must decide the best place Buy Facebook Followers to display your advertisements. Facebook offers five locations for advertisements.

Mobile News Feed, Desktop News Feed, Right Hand Column, Instagram, and the Audience Network. This guide explains the advantages and disadvantages of these options to help you determine which one makes the most appropriate for your goals in advertising. timebusinesnews

Right-Hand Column Ads

Suitable Hand Column ads were the first Facebook ads. They are only available on desktops. They are displayed on the news feed’s right side with smaller text and fonts.

They’ve fallen out of fashion recently since advertisers prefer having their ads be in the same area as your news feed updates instead of being in the ad-specific space. Buy facebook followers 2022

Separate from the news feed usually leads to lower CTRs, but more excellent Conversion Rates. Since Right Hands Column ads are not part of the news feed, those who click on them are more qualified because they’ve gone away from their routine of seeing and clicking the advertisement. biteforest

Desktop & Mobile News Feed

Today, most advertisers prefer spending their money on mobile or desktop news feeds. The main benefit of mobile advertisements is that they take up all the displays on mobile devices.

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The news feed ads on desktops are displayed on a horizontal column that covers a large part of the desktop, ensuring that users won’t be able to miss the advertisement. michaelkorssitesaleonline

Another advantage of mobiles is the less expensive clicks. When we looked at five accounts across various industries over the last six months, we discovered that mobile clicks average about 65% cheaper than desktop-based clicks. Read Also: DMV Appliance

Why are desktop-based clicks so more expensive? For advertisers who sell e-commerce, the convenience and security of converting desktops make these clicks more valuable. This isn’t to say it’s impossible to convert consistently more favorably for desktop advertisements.

In the case of items with lower prices, mobile might have better conversion rates. Younger people are most likely to be converted using mobile. On the other hand, older audiences or items with higher prices typically have better results on desktops.

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Believe the Instagram Hype?

We generally observe large CPCs and lower than direct results on Instagram. However, many paid social marketers are eager to display advertisements on Instagram. Studies have proven that Instagram is the most preferred social media platform among younger people.

Numerous brands would like to join a social media platform considered to be younger, trendy, hipper, and hip, which is why this type of competition results in more CPCs. Buy 10000 Facebook followers

The sexiness that Instagram has shown as social media hasn’t yet translated into its success as a direct-response advertisement tool (apart from Instagram advertising campaigns that retarget users).

Our data suggest that people aren’t converting in the same way or at the exact cost on Instagram as they do on Facebook. Of course, these changes are similar to a teenager’s buying habits.

Facebook acquired Instagram in 2012, and the company first began showing Instagram ads that were based on Facebook profiles on June 15, 2015. It’s still a relatively new platform; users may become more used to advertisements and even convert to those ads as time passes. )Read Also : MyReadingManga

More than 90% of Instagram’s users have less than 35. As the audience is aging and their earnings will rise (and in some instances, start), Instagram will be a more effective direct response advertising tool.

Audience Network – Running Facebook Ads off of Facebook

If given a chance, Facebook reps or training guides will try to explain the benefits of Facebook’s Audience Network. Suppose you design an advertisement for an app-based newsfeed on mobile.

In that case, you may decide to have the advertisement also be displayed through the Audience Network, which will instantly transform the ad into a native banner or interstitial advertising that runs through approved publishers on Facebook. Buy Facebook followers cheap

Although the Audience Network offers access to advertising space that is not available through other channels, the fact that it is not controlled reduces some of the benefits.

After you submit the creativity, Facebook will reconstitute the advert to be suitable for different types of locations, including banner and native advertisements. Moving the text or image might not affect some ads, but the reimaging can generally reduce the ad’s overall quality.

Banner ads made from Facebook advertisements are typically minimal, with just the space needed to communicate your message. They are not an effective visual representation of your company’s image.

In addition, although Facebook promises to ensure that ads are displayed on third-party websites approved by Facebook, there is a little mystery regarding where your ad will appear. This contrasts when you select other locations in which you can be sure regarding where your advertisement will be displayed.

In general, we find a lower ROI on investment and a higher price per conversion with this Audience Network. However, it’s not without merit. Read Also : WPC2027

Audience Network isn’t entirely without merits. For companies that wish to grow to the next level, this Audience Network provides extra room to extend advertisers’ reach beyond the limits of Facebook.

Where should I put my advertisements?

Demographic targeting and price points, CPCs, and current developments are some of the things to consider when selecting the best placements.

We suggest starting with DNF and MNF before moving on to The Right Hand Column, Instagram, and the Audience Network if the budget permits.

Each company is different and results often diverge from what you expect. Try different placements and determine which ones drive the most outstanding results for your campaign.