Top 10 most amazing and stunning hairstyle for reception look

Top 10 most amazing and stunning hairstyle for reception look

June 1, 2022 0 By digitalseo

After the wedding, the reception is another special moment for both bride and groom.

But this day is a little more special for the bride than for the groom. Because guests are more attracted to the bride than the groom.

The most attractive is the decoration of brides, and bridal hairstyle is the most important part of the reception outfit. 

Hairstyle can either  enhance or spoil the look altogether. 

Here are some attractive and stylish hairstyle design which you can try of your reception day-

  • Simple low bun hairstyle for short hair 
  • Simple bun decorated with gajra
  • Open hairstyle 
  • Open hair with strings of flowers 
  • French braid hairstyle with hair accessories 
  • Braided updo with a touch of flowers 
  • Open hair with floral tiara
  • A cross-sectional braid
  • A side-parted hair with the flowers 
  • Half-tied braided hair

1- Simple low bun hairstyle for short hair

If you’ve short hair then the low bun style makes your look so impressive. Just puff your hair both crown and the back.

2-Simple bun decorated with gajra

One of the most attractive and traditional tied up bridal hairstyle is the bun decorated with gajra.  Putting Gajra in hair is the  favourite one of most of the bengalis.It is the most interesting, stylish and simple decorative item.

Wedding cards are the same for boys and girls. The design of the wedding card is as important as the writing on the inside of the card.

As much as the matter of the wedding card is good, it affects as many people as possible to invite them to the wedding.

3- open Hairstyle 

     Hair plays an important role for every bride. Sometimes a simple look is enough to grab all the guests’ attention. Not everyone can like a bunch of flowers or a sleek bun,the open hair gives you the most elegant look.

       4-Open hair with strings of flowers 

     Flowers are a sign of romance and love. So just let your hair down and wear as many strings of red roses or mogra flowers.  It gives you the princess look of your reception. 

     5- French braid hairstyle with hair accessories 

A classic french braid and add some hair accessories to the braid. This is a perfect hairstyle for your reception.  Put a simple “Tikli” on the centre of the hair and this hairstyle goes with the saree.

   6-Braided updo with a touch of flowers 

The dainty braided updo is the perfect hairstyle.  This elegant hairstyle goes with your reception gown or designer saree. Add matching floral accessories.  This makes you the cutest look ever.

   7- Open hair with floral tiara 

   If you want to look gorgeous on your reception day,then just open your hair and add a floral tiara.  It makes such a stunning look.

  8-A cross-sectional braid

If you wear a lehenga then a cross-sectional braid hairstyle is perfect for completing your reception look. This gives you an eye-catching look.

     9- A side-parted hair with flowers 

Some brides want to look simple but stylish then a side-parted hair neatly set with red rose at the back. This is a really simple & stylish hairstyle. Your reception looks complete with this hairstyle. 

     10- Half-tied braided hair 

   The brides who wish to keep their open then  half-tied braided  hairstyle is beautiful and this hairstyle is further beautified with flowers. 

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