Tips on How to Run a Successful Flash Sale

Tips on How to Run a Successful Flash Sale

September 13, 2022 0 By Scarlett Watson

“Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Going LIVE in 2 hours!”

“48 hours left to avail up to 40% discount on our selected products!”

“The wait is over! Get up to a 50% discount NOW!”

These are some of the taglines of campaigns we see from our favorite brands. And, if you want to give your business a sales boost, then flash sale is the right dose. Whether you run a business online or the traditional way, flash sales can give it a push in the right direction.

What is a Flash Sale?

The term flash speaks for itself. A flash sale is made by a business that wants to increase its sales for a limited time. Therefore, a company wants to achieve short-term sales that can increase its brand awareness.

It is a great way to sell your products sitting in inventory. A supplier who sells wholesale T-shirts in New York would want their inventory empty to bring in fresh ones. So is the case with a retailer that wants to see its shelves empty.

Therefore, a flash sale relies on the occasion, time, and the kind of products you sell. Flash sales include the Black Friday sale, Independence Day sale, Seasonal sale, etc.

1. Set Goals

First, you must find out the reason for a sale. Further, this goal must be translated into your campaign posters and ad postings. This way, you define clear call-to-actions (CTAs) for your business. 

For example, if you are an apparel retailer and fall is approaching fast, you’d first want to clear away stock from the previous season.

2. Sell-out Inventory

You cannot bring in new stock if the old one is still lying around! Therefore, sell the items in a flash sale fast. A full inventory can cost you a lot, and the items can degrade with time, especially if they have a short shelf life. 

Further, you must monitor the sales you make. Examine which item sells fast so you can put it in stock for another time. It can also help you plan out future flash sales.

3. Limited time

Flash sales are meant to be for a short period. A short time can create a sense of urgency within the customer, and it will urge them to buy more. 

Usually, a perfect flash sale lasts around 24 to 48 hours. Make sure not to exceed the limited time frame, as it will wipe away all the craving to have the product in the first place!

4. Add Tagline

Remember that your sales need to be attractive in the first place. Putting a sale just for the sake of clearing inventory won’t do! Therefore, get the creative juice flowing in your graphic designers to design a poster with a catchy tagline and an attractive color scheme.

5. Highlight Discounts

The discounted percentage should be emphasized if you want to make a stellar poster. It means using a large font on your taglines, while all the other information uses a small font size. Therefore, highlight the positives of the sale and mention everything clearly.

6. Attractive Sales Copy

In addition, you must make an engaging sales copy that captures the audience’s attention. Start with an attention-grabbing sentence that immediately tells the customer to take you seriously. Further, you can use hashtags or other trending tags to get the message across.

7. Prepare the Site

Lastly, you must prepare your website in advance. Before the flash sale commences, ensure the website is up and running. 

Protect your website from bots. These bots can get into customer-client relations and interfere with a customer’s purchase. Usually, these bots are computer programs that can wipe your inventory clean, leaving your customers with nothing.

Can Flash Sales Benefit Your Business?

The reverse question should be asked, “What are the disadvantages of a flash sale?” And the answer to that is “None!”

Therefore, if your business focuses on selling tangible items, you must make some flash sales to drive your stock. Whether you sell wholesale T-shirts in New York or Chicago, flash sales should be an integral part of your sales strategy.

First, you can increase traffic to your website! Your sales and discounts will lead customers to your website or outlets. Moreover, online flash sales are more attractive as a website is easily accessible. Instead, you hardly focus on decorating your outlets and retail shops and do promotions online. Consequently, online sales can save you costs on catering to customers.

Second, you can increase brand value. New customers will build a perception of you based on the items they find on sale. Moreover, your advertisement on various social media platforms, attractive blog posts, and affiliate marketers’ promotional approach would work for you!

Lastly, you can bring in new customers. An attractive flash sale is a unique opportunity no sensible person would want to miss! A customer who leaves satisfied with the purchase done from a sale would likely enhance your brand loyalty.