Things to do immediately if you lose your expensive ring in London

Things to do immediately if you lose your expensive ring in London

August 25, 2022 0 By Scarlett Watson

Losing an expensive wedding ring is like facing one of your most frightening nightmares. An expensive ring is not only an asset bought with your sweat and blood but it also symbolizes the bond between you and your partner. So, naturally, it is most traumatizing when you lose such a small thing in a big city like London. Although getting unnerved, frantic, and frightened are natural reactions but these emotions can slow down your search. Just take a long deep breath and steady your nerve before you start your search. Also, you need to keep this in mind whatever the outcome may come your marriage and health are the two things that matter the most, and losing a ring is not the end of the world.  Keeping these factors in mind start your search by following these steps listed below.

Don’t lose nerve

Not losing your nerve is your number one job. If you lose your ring try not to panic take a deep calming breath and steady your nerve. Your attention should be on finding the lost three stone engagement ringCalming yourself will help you in thinking more clearly so that you can easily recall the last time you had your ring on. This will speed up your search and you can find you can search for your ring more efficiently. 

Recall your last moments

Try to recall the last memory you have with the ring on. Maybe you lost the ring thirty minutes back. Recalling the last moments with your ring will also remind you of the location you were in. Once you remember the place you recall wearing the ring retrace your step back. Also, it will be better if you can go with some of your trusted friends and search that area thoroughly. If you recall correctly and were quick enough to find out that the ring is missing from your finger you will get more chances to find that ring in the place you left it.

Claim your insurance

If you have insurance on your ring then that’s a big relief. File an insurance claim on your lost ring immediately. Even if you are still on the lookout for the lost ring get moving on claiming the insurance. Just inform your insurance company after 24 hours from the time you lose the ring. Even though the procedure may start during your search for the ring you can inform the insurance company in case you find the ring.

Talk to your Jeweller

Get hold of your jeweller and find out if they have the same design as the ring you lost. If they don’t have the same design in stock they can recreate your wedding ring. As you have already bought the first ring from this jeweller it will be easier for them to make another copy. Also, you may get a discount from the jeweller for repeating your order.

Search in the unusual places

It is our nature to look for a lost item in the most obvious places first. But there are many cases where one finds their lost ring years after from a hidden space in the house. So, you must give a thorough look at the most unusual places like the backside of the washing machine, fridge, or sofa. These places are normally hidden and hard to reach. If you lose your Diamond tennis Bracelet Hatton Garden look it up from the hidden portions of the house.
But the best way to get a refund for your expensive ring is by opting for insurance during your buy. It is better to be safe than feel sorry later for your loss.