The Russia-Ukraine War Controversies

The Russia-Ukraine War Controversies

May 11, 2022 0 By Admin

The Russian government is behind the recent war in Ukraine, which has killed thousands of civilians. Russia’s president Vladimir Putin justified the war by citing the threat of Western Ukraine to the Russian people and his inability to feel safe in the country. The war has left many questions unanswered. In this article, I will discuss some of the controversies surrounding this war. Read on to learn more about the latest developments in this conflict.

Russian forces are blocking Ukrainian units in the Azovstal steelworks

Russia has ordered its troops to stop firing on the area surrounding Mariupol’s Azovstal steelworks to open a three-day humanitarian corridor. Russian troops are blocking Ukrainian units from getting to Azovstal, where Ukrainian troops and civilians are holed up. A Kremlin spokesman said Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered his troops to prevent an all-out assault on the steelworks.

According to Ukrainian media reports, the encircled steelworks are home to around 200 Ukrainian civilians, including 30 children. The town of Zaporizhzhia is 140 miles away. Several evacuation attempts have failed. The Ukrainian deputy prime minister has called on Moscow to help evacuate the civilians, but no one knows how many are trapped. And it is unclear how many Russian soldiers remain at Azovstal.

Russian troops are trying to destroy them

The Kremlin has set a target of destroying all Ukrainian military equipment by May 9. Its goal is to be as successful as the Soviet Union was in destroying Nazi Germany. The Kremlin plans to celebrate this milestone by holding a military parade to honor its victory in the war. But the Russian military is not content with merely destroying Ukrainian weapons. They also plan to use them to promote Kremlin propaganda.

The Russian military has been holding back for over two months because the Russian leader wants to justify the war’s costs. The Russian advance has been slow and sluggish: they have taken only a few villages per day, and Ukraine is mounting a mobile defense. Ukrainian soldiers are maneuvering in small units around Russian troops, maintaining fluid lines. The Russian military has not even managed to reach the front line, which makes it even harder to destroy.

U.S. intelligence is helping Ukraine kill Russian generals

According to the New York Times, U.S. intelligence shared with Ukrainian forces has helped the country kill 12 Russian generals on the front lines. The intelligence included information about Russian troop movements and mobile military headquarters, and Ukraine combined it with its own information to carry out attacks on Russian generals. But how does the U.S. know these information are being shared? How much does it care? What can the U.S. do to help?

The Biden administration has taken issue with the New York Times, saying the newspaper has a beef with the Biden administration. “The New York Times” knows the U.S. is aiding Ukraine to kill Russian generals. But “senior American officials” in Washington told the newspaper that the U.S. had intelligence on the Russians before the invasion. American spy satellites penetrated Russian security about two weeks before the invasion, and U.S. intelligence assets shared this information widely to let Russia know we knew.

Russia’s unilateral veto power on the Security Council

Despite the growing international tensions over the situation in Ukraine, the Russian Federation cannot be expelled from the Security Council, demoted to two-year term, or removed from the General Assembly. According to the U.N. Charter, permanent members are not subject to expulsion or removal unless they commit repeated and gross violations of the law of armed conflict. But, Russia has the veto power.

While this idea may seem idealistic, we have lived for generations in a world where veto power was given and legalized to a select few countries. It is time for a political process to change this regime if we wish to keep our rule-based international order and a functioning system of international peace and security. If Russia does not want to be removed from the Security Council, then it should give up something that would be worth losing.

U.S. military direct-mailing its latest life-extension strategies to the Russian military brass

The latest in U.S. military direct-mailing to the Russian military brass comes amid escalating tensions in the Ukraine. A US official, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said the U.S. military is aware of Russian activity in the Sea of Azov, including landing ships with supplies. US weapons are advancing into Ukraine and should be there tomorrow or soon, the official added. Russian officials say their nuclear arsenal should deter the West from intervening in the country.

Russia is also preparing to attack Ukraine. President Biden met with Ukraine’s military brass for the first time as a group in person, and vowed to arm the Ukrainian government if needed. Meanwhile, G7 finance ministers pledged $24 billion to support Ukraine, and pledged to contribute more if necessary. Meanwhile, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he hoped for a settlement by the end of the war, but noted that he’s not confident that it will be negotiated.