The Most Popular Cryptocurrency In CoinDCX

January 7, 2023 1 By Jessica

Around 200 various sorts of cryptocurrencies are available on the crypto trading site CoinDCX. It was founded in Singapore with the intention to grow crypto trading. Mumbai is where the office of this exchange is situated in India. CoinDCX is a very competitive exchange. WazirX and CoinSwitch are the top competitors. 

The variety of cryptocurrencies that CoinDCX offers, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, and many more altcoins, is the distinctive characteristic. As a result, traders of various altcoins won’t need to look elsewhere and may utilize this platform instead. Which one is the most popular cryptocurrency in CoinDCX? Read through this post and find out. 

CoinDCX is really a one-stop solution. As a result, traders of various altcoins won’t need to look elsewhere and may utilize this platform instead. This does have a price, though. Because freshly minted altcoins won’t undergo the same inspection, there may be more fraudulent coins as there is more cryptocurrency.

In terms of financing, Polychain and 100x Ventures are now CoinDCX’s leading investors. Along with these three principal investors, CoinDCX has 10 more depositors who have contributed $5.5 million over the course of different rounds. More and more institutional investors are looking for Bitcoin on this exchange. 

CoinDCX is popular for crypto lending. Crypto financing becomes an alternative investment kind, as its name indicates. Borrowing in cryptocurrency terminology entails speculators lending borrowers cryptocurrency at a fixed interest rate. The loan services offered by CoinDCX are safe and convenient. You may lend for a total of seven days with only one click. 

The highest yearly cost of borrowing is 16.25% as well. Staking is a practice where a user freezes digital assets in exchange for compensation. It’s comparable to mining. The CoinDCX exchange provides customers with stake solutions for passive income. You only need to have a minimum balance of one of the available cryptos.

CoinDCX is comparable with CoinDCX Pro. In the CoinDCX vs CoinDCX Pro version, you will find out that CoinDCX Pro is an advanced version of CoinDCX. Even though a user has completed the KYC confirmation or not, the lowest withdrawal amount that CoinDCX accepts will be in Indian Rupees. The highest INR withdrawal restriction uses the same approach. 

Deposit And Withdrawal

Five hundred rupees is the lowest and 5 lakh rupees is the highest amount every day. If the withdrawal exceeds the automatic limitations, users can withdraw the money individually. The minimum amount is Rs. 500, the same as for customers who have completed full KYC. The maximum amount is just 10,000. 

If the withdrawal exceeds the automatic limitations, you are able to withdraw funds manually. Bitcoin is still the most traded cryptocurrency in CoinDCX. Dogecoin, Ethereum, Shiba Inu, Ripple, Cardano, Tether, Solana, Bitgert, and Polygon are also trading these days. Shiba Inu once became popular in 2020. 

The Registration Process

One must go to CoinDCX’s official website to begin the registration procedure. Next, click the “register” button located at the right corner of the registration page. The following stage requires customers to enter some fundamental information, like their name, contact details, email address, etc. 

After completing filling in the details, one must select the “Sign-Up” option. The individual will get an OTP on their smartphone, which they must enter on the website, in order to validate the contact details. After this verification, one can start trading with Bitcoin or altcoins available on the exchange. 

Buyers can reach the API dashboard of their profile page to obtain their API key. The terms that are frequently utilized on the site or in associated documentation have appropriate, streamlined definitions in the interface. The CoinDCX Go application allows trading with only a single click on a user’s smartphone device.

Users must enter their information to establish their accounts after installing the program. They must then begin trading after logging in. Unfortunately, iOS users are not able to use it. This is a serious disadvantage. iOS users can choose other crypto exchange platforms via their iPhones. 

Users may feel at ease knowing that CoinDCX is really a reliable crypto exchange platform thanks to the features it provides. The KYC of the consumer is not disclosed to other parties by this cryptocurrency exchange in India. This welcomes strong privacy. Its security mechanism is enhanced by the 2FA process.


From this post, you have seen that Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency in CoinDCX. Also, you have seen its many features. You can either choose CoinSwitch Kuber or CoinDCX. Both these crypto exchange platforms have the strongest security. CoinDCX is still a user-friendly crypto trading venue. 

Customers may decide if they want to spend their money, energy, and time with the exchange depending on what has been said here. They may evaluate CoinDCX in comparison to other same products in the market before making a choice. Trading in CoinDCX will grow in the next coming years.