Sensual photography for today’s woman in Pamplona

Sensual photography for today’s woman in Pamplona

November 9, 2022 0 By crescentprinting37

What is a boudoir photo session?

A boudoir photography session is a photographic style for women, which conveys an intensely feminine image combining sensuality and eroticism with elegance.

In boudoir photos, those intimate moments of the beauty of women are prioritized. They are photographs mainly in lingerie, implicit, where the naturalness and beauty of the details and close-ups stand out, together with a setting according to the objective sought.

Why do a boudoir photography session?

Because it is your moment because you want to surprise your partner because you want to feel empowered and give yourself a special gift.

There are many reasons why you can have a boudoir or lingerie photo session, but all of them will make you show your true beauty and increase your self-esteem.

Do you want to surprise your partner with a very special gift? A boudoir photo session is perfect to give to your boyfriend on the wedding day, for special days like Valentine’s Day, as a birthday present for your partner, or for your wedding anniversary.

In short, there are many times when a gift of boudoir photographs becomes the perfect gift, not only for your partner but also for you. You will have a unique memory that captures your most sensual side and with which you will feel the most beautiful.


Give yourself a unique experience where you will discover the beauty of your body, just as you are. Empower yourself!

What boudoir style suits your personality?

Boudoir photography seeks sensuality from your beauty and elegance.

You can opt for a sexy, suggestive, sensual, natural, glamorous attitude… in short, there are various tips for boudoir photography options with which, combined with the clothing and your posture, you can show your most charming side.  

And if there are parts of you that you don’t like, we will take care of hiding them to bring out the best in you.

What kind of clothes can you wear for your boudoir session?

In a boudoir session you have to feel yourself and with the clothes or lingerie that make you feel good. Always keeping in mind that your skin is the protagonist.

Glamor and elegance are aspects that you should keep in mind. Therefore, the most recommended is a set of lingerie, bodysuits, babydolls, a shirt, corsets, garters, transparencies, or accessories such as high heels and jewelry with which you consider that you feel better and flatter your figure.

Fine lingerie almost always predominates, as well as lace in neutral tones such as black, white, or ivory (black lace should not be missing). And if you prefer colors, it is best to opt for colors in a pastel range, avoiding very saturated and vivid colors that distract the eye and contrast with the delicacy of your skin.

Where to do a boudoir photography session?

In a boudoir photography session, you have to take into account, in addition to the model, the place where the photographs are taken, paying special attention to the ambient light, decoration, and space. These 3 aspects are key and must be combined to be visually attractive and provide the technical conditions of light and space so that the photo session is as successful as possible.

Taking into account what has been said, currently, the sessions are carried out in locations such as your home, hotels, or outdoors.

You propose your ideal place and we adapt to carry out the best boudoir session for you.

Who can be the protagonist of a boudoir session?

All. And you too. Why not?

In general, any woman who wants to find herself again, who feels the need to feel unique, sensual, and special again, should live the experience of a boudoir report.

They are sessions that reinforce your self-esteem, reaffirm your personality, and free you from your fears and complexes.

It is feeling good about yourself. A unique and unforgettable experience that turns reality into art.

What does the boudoir photo session include?

  • Advice before and during the session.
  • Maximum displacement 30km from Pamplona.
  • Editing and photo retouching of all the selected photographs.
  • Digital delivery of the chosen photographs.
  • Preparation and delivery of the Fine Art album if you wish.

Do you dare to live a boudoir experience?

Boudoir photo sessions are exclusive images that enhance your beauty and sensuality. You will live a unique and different experience.