Queen’s lying-in-state: What it’ll seem like

September 14, 2022 0 By RichardRhoades

Queues ar building in London prior to the Queen’s lying-in-state, with many thousands of individuals expected to pay their respects to Britain’s longest-reigning monarch.

Many endured running rain nightlong to hitch the long wait to file past the monarch’s coffin at City of Westminster Hall, wherever it’ll exist state for four full days till her ceremonial on Monday.


Sombre procession to City of Westminster Hall

Crowds of mourners also are forming on the streets between Buckingham Palace and City of Westminster – the route the Queen’s coffin can absorb slow ceremonial procession later.

Currently lying within the Bow space at the palace when its arrival from Edinburgh, the coffin can leave for City of Westminster Hall at 14:22 BST carried on AN open framework of the King’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery, drawn by a team of black horses.

A huge eighteen hands-tall (183cm) veteran horse named Lord Firebrand are going to be at the front of the procession, setting the pace.

King Charles III and his sons, aristocrat William and aristocrat Harry, and alternative members of the house can follow behind the coffin on foot.

Up to 1,000 members of the defense force in ceremonial dress also will be participating in events encompassing the parade.

Camilla, the queen, the aristocrat of Wales, the Lady of Wessex and also the noblewoman of geographical area can trip the hall by automobile.

Guns are going to be dismissed from Hyde Park at one-minute intervals throughout the procession, that is anticipated to attain City of Westminster Hall at 15:00 BST. Big Ben also will toll.

The King’s Life Guard – a senior regiment of the military and a part of the social unit Cavalry – can provides a royal salute because the coffin passes through Horse Guards Arch before it joins the parade.

A guard of honour created of members of the military, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force can line the side of Parliament sq. and can be amid the band of the Royal Marines enjoying muffled drums.

People are going to be able to watch the procession nose to nose at ceremonial viewing areas on the route, at:

• Green Park aspect of The Mall

• St James’s Park aspect of The Mall and Horse Guards Road

• Horse Guards tract

• Whitehall (West), Parliament Street (West) and nice George Street

• Whitehall (East), Parliament Street (East) and Bridge Street

For those with accessibility necessities, viewing areas on the side and side of The Mall are going to be accessible.

A screening web site are going to be found out in close Hyde Park. The viewing areas and screening can open at 11:00 BST on Wednesday.

The BBC additionally features a dedicated live stream for those unable to trip London. The service are going to be accessible within the United Kingdom on the BBC home page, the BBC News web site and app, iPlayer, BBC Parliament and also the red-button from 17:00 BST on Wednesday. it’ll even be accessible internationally via bbc.com/news.

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The Queen’s lying-in-state

After the coffin is placed in position within the hall by the Grenadier Guards, a brief service are going to be control, attended by the King and members of the house. it’ll be light-emitting diode by the bishop of Canterbury amid the Dean of City of Westminster.


After the service, members of the house can leave by automobile.

At 17:00 BST the general public are going to be allowed to enter the hall to file past the coffin and pay their respects.

The Queen can then exist state till 06:30 BST on the day of her ceremonial on Monday, that has been declared a legal holiday across the united kingdom.

During the lying-in-state amount, City of Westminster Hall are going to be open for twenty-four hours daily.

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The grand hall is that the oldest a part of the Palace of City of Westminster, at the center of British government.

The last member of the house to exist state within the hall was the queen dowager in 2002, once over two hundred,000 individuals queued to look at her coffin.

The Queen’s closed coffin can rest on a raised platform, referred to as a bier, at a lower place the eleventh Century hall’s medieval timber roof.

Each corner of the platform are going to be guarded in a very continuous vigil by troopers from units that serve the Royal social unit.

The coffin are going to be draped within the Royal normal and once in City of Westminster Hall it’ll be topped with the Imperial State Crown, orb and sceptre.