Know about the 10 Serious side effects of turmeric!

Know about the 10 Serious side effects of turmeric!

June 10, 2022 0 By Mikehussey

You are all aware of turmeric, a common spice that can cure almost all health problems. But can you imagine turmeric can have side effects too? However, most people know its benefits and uses. Here, in this article, firstly, we will discuss turmeric’s benefits and, lastly, the 10 serious side effects of turmeric. Let’s begin.

Benefits of turmeric

  1. According to Ayurvedic medicine, turmeric is known as an anti-inflammatory spice. It not only cuts out the existing inflammation but also helps prevent your body from producing chemicals that cause inflammation.
  2. If you have high blood sugar levels, turmeric may act as a cure for you. However, research has found that turmeric helps in reducing blood sugar levels in your body. The special ingredient, curcumin present in turmeric, is responsible for balancing blood sugar levels.
  3. Adding one more benefit to the list, it helps in improving heart health. Nowadays, numerous people suffer from problems like high cholesterol and blood pressure. Turmeric can be very effective for them as it can lower both of these dangerous diseases. Moreover, it also overcomes the risk of any cardiovascular disease, including heart failure or attacks. 
  4. Most girls in today’s world are very particular about looking perfect with nice and soft skin. It glows your skin if applied to your face. Furthermore, many skin conditions including ulcers, eczema, wounds and psoriasis can easily be cured using turmeric. 

These were some great uses of turmeric explained briefly. If you are suffering from any disease, you can start having turmeric in your meals or apply it to any wound to prevent allergic reactions. 

10 serious side effects of turmeric

As such, there are not such harsh side effects of turmeric known till now. But there can be a few mild effects. 10 serious side effects of turmeric are mentioned below:

  1. Kidney stones – Too much injection of turmeric can cause kidney stones. This spice contains oxalates, and a lot of this content can leave you in trouble. 
  2. Avoid fake turmeric – Be aware while buying turmeric, as sometimes it is not the original. It can be a food colorant – metanil yellow- and can lead your body to cancer when taken in large amounts.
  3. Can decrease sugar levels – If you are already taking medication to reduce your blood sugar, you should avoid taking turmeric as it can reduce the sugar more, resulting in lower sugar levels.
  4. Skin allergies – Turmeric contains curcumin which, when taken in high quantities, can have many side effects such as headache, skin rash, and many more.
  5. Diarrhea – One more effect of intaking large quantities of turmeric is diarrhea. 
  6. Iron deficiency – People having iron deficiency must avoid taking turmeric in their meals because it may decrease the absorption of iron by their bodies. 
  7. Acidity – As you know, high doses of anything can be harmful; the same is with turmeric. You can face gastrointestinal problems if you take a high amount of turmeric. 
  8. Avoid in pregnancy – Pregnant women should not inject turmeric as it has some possible effects during breastfeeding. 
  9. Infertility – Large amounts of turmeric intake can seriously affect testosterone levels in men and cause infertility. 
  10. Blood clotting – If you are going to operate on your body for any of the reasons, avoid turmeric for at least a week before your surgery to prevent blood clotting.