Isuzu Tipper Trucks

Isuzu Tipper Trucks

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An Isuzu tipper truck is a versatile and durable vehicle. It can be used for a variety of tasks and can be custom-designed. It has a 17-year design and export experience and can service over 80 countries. It is able to ship quickly and efficiently to any country.
Isuzu Elf

The Isuzu Elf is a versatile tipper truck that can be used for several different purposes. Its cabs can either be single or double and it comes with a flat body or a dump body. The Isuzu Elf can also be converted to a Route Van for transporting passengers. It has a glazed rear compartment and seating for three or six passengers.

The Isuzu Elf is a reliable and efficient tipper truck. Its impressive performance and fuel economy make it a top pick in the industry. Its powerful and fuel-efficient engines allow it to tow heavy materials with great efficiency. Moreover, the Isuzu Elf is very affordable to own.
Isuzu FSR 700

The Isuzu FSR 700 tipper is one of the most popular trucks available for use as tipper trucks. It has a GVWR and GVM of 14,000 kg and is equipped with a powerful 7.8-litre diesel engine. It also has a touch-screen stereo system and ABS brakes.

It has an internal volume of 3.5 m x 2.3 m with 0.3-metre-high sides. It is also equipped with an hmf 735 crane, 2 x toolboxes and an amber beacon. This makes it an ideal pick-up for any job site or recycling center.
Isuzu Giga

The Isuzu Giga is a heavy-duty commercial vehicle, designed to carry large loads and dump materials. The Giga has a variety of features and is exclusive to ISUZU. In some markets, it is sold under the CHEVROLET brand name. It has 18 different models, each with different axle layouts, number of wheels, suspension types, and more. Because of the wide variety of specifications, it is important to choose the model that meets your needs. It has a base engine size of 14000cc, and higher-load capacity models are equipped with larger engines.

The Giga is also available with detachable bodies. The first generation features a rear-mounted cab, but the second generation features a cab with an open top. The Giga has detachable bodies, which allows it to work as a tractor-trailer or dump truck.
Isuzu FSR 140-260

The Isuzu FSR 140-260 Tipper is a powerful, well-equipped tipper truck. The GVM (gross vehicle mass) rating of 14 tonnes is higher than the typical 10.4 to 11 tonne GVM for a medium-duty factory tipper. It also has a 5.2 cubic meter payload capacity and a long, 4.4 metre tipper body. This makes it a great choice for hauling a medium-duty excavator.


The Isuzu FYR 140-260 Tipper is a six-cylinder, Ready-to-Work tipper truck. It comes with a custom-designed NEE 7T tipper. Its powerful engine makes it a great choice for tipping and hauling materials. It also comes with a six-speed manual transmission and ABS brakes. The vehicle also features a touch-screen stereo.

The Isuzu FSR 700 Wood Chipping Tipper is one of the most popular tipper trucks on the market today. It features a GVWR of 20,000 kg and a GVM of 14,000 kg. Its engine is a powerful 7.8-litre intercooled diesel with a six-speed manual transmission and ABS braking systems. It is also equipped with a touch screen stereo system and power steering.

The Isuzu FSR 700 is a powerful and reliable wood chipper. It features a 235-horsepower turbo diesel engine and a 6-speed manual transmission. Other features include automatic windows, a sun visor, automatic wipers, a CD player, a fuel tank, and air trailer brakes.