How to Pick the Top Electrical Estimating Software?

How to Pick the Top Electrical Estimating Software?

November 24, 2022 0 By Scarlett Watson

The advantages and disadvantages of each option, from tried-and-true electrical estimating services spreadsheets to cumbersome software, have helped us develop a superior end-to-end electrical estimating solution. One that addresses the needs of estimating in the modern day while utilizing intelligent automation, creative processes, and the adaptability electrical estimators want.

We’ll cover the benefits of contemporary electrical estimating software in this tutorial, along with advice on how to pick the right program for your needs.

What Is Software For Electrical Estimating?

Using electrical estimating services software, you may create, store, and share your quote for an electrical project. The takeoff stage, when you may automatically count symbols, to the addition of items, price, labor expenses, and markup are all covered by electrical estimating software. Following the conclusion of each of those phases, you are given a finalized total cost and breakdown that you may use to respond to a tender or project proposal.

Best Software for Electrical Estimating:

A Cloud-Based, Paperless System:

Electrical estimators can collaborate on estimates in multiplayer mode thanks to modern cloud-based estimating tools. The reduction in paper usage compared to conventional estimations is another major advantage of cloud-based applications.

Printing blueprints for a manual takeoff may be quite expensive and time-consuming, not to mention error-prone. By automating the counting of symbols and allowing you to upload PDF files, cloud-based electrical estimating services software improves accuracy while saving you hundreds on printing and labor expenses.

Authentically Automated Takeoff Counting:

The manual takeoff procedure, which calls for highlighters and massive reams of paper, is very different from the computerized takeoff process. The others perform the takeoff using internet software. Beyond this, there are more distinctions between “real automated takeoff” software and “digital takeoff” software.

Digital takeoff entails manually counting every symbol. But you’ll do it on your laptop rather than on a piece of paper. On the other hand, automated takeoff software simply requires you to highlight one symbol. And it will quickly count it throughout all drawings in the project. It’s worthwhile to take the time to select the finest electrical estimating software since it will significantly reduce the time and accuracy of your estimate down the road. The best electrical estimating software has full automatic takeoff.

Adaptable Architecture:

Even top electrical estimators still use Excel to generate estimates since many estimating tools have strict structures. While using Excel to estimate can provide you some freedom, making sure all the information is accurate. And present also takes a lot of time and work. The finest electrical estimating services software, in our opinion at Counterfire, allows you to be flexible in how you want to work on. And price your estimate allowing you to quickly and simply adjust your estimate’s breakdown as needed. So that you can satisfy your client’s requirements whenever and however they may change.

End-to-End Estimate:

Electrical estimating software that offers resources for each component of the estimate reduces the amount of time. And money needed to add additional software. End-to-end estimating software needs to offer everything, from automatic takeoff to the ability to save things for later estimations.

Given that all components of the final estimate are kept in one location. This kind of software also provides enhanced visibility. The electrical estimator may easily log back in and see all of their work in one location if a project is postponed or something else happens. Additionally, it facilitates improved team communication on estimates, streamlining the procedure required to get a precise estimate.

Integrated Accuracy Assessments:

Many estimating platforms have the drawback of allowing estimation without any safety net included. This is why a lot of estimating companies still ask different estimating managers to review a single estimate before it is submitted. The finest electrical estimating services software includes accuracy checks built in to make sure you’ve considered every possibility. And that everything, from the take-off to the final estimate to how you mark up labor and supplies is entirely correct.