How to Finalise Requirements of Audience for Dissertation Interview?

How to Finalise Requirements of Audience for Dissertation Interview?

August 20, 2022 0 By Scarlett Watson

So, you are finally at the research stage and going to conduct a dissertation interview to collect the research data. Wow, it is great to hear that you have come to this stage. But do you know the requirements of the audience for such an interview? What kind of audience do you have to select? Or, if you are conducting a case study, do you know which industry or which staff members of the industry can provide you with information relevant to your study? If you know the answer to these questions, it would be great. However, if you do not know, you need to learn about the audience requirements for the dissertation interview first.  

So, keeping this in mind, today’s article is about discussing all such requirements. There will be a detailed discussion on how to finalise these requirements. However, before that, let’s explain the meaning of the audience requirement for a research interview and its importance.

What does it mean by requirements of audience? Explain with importance.

Recruiting the right audience for your research interview is crucial if you want to get your research done in a meaningful way. However, it depends on the requirements of the audience. It means taking into account what type of audience you have to include in your research process. What are the demographic and scholarly needs of the research? Requirements of audience mean defining what kind of audience is going to be perfect for your study.

Why is considering such requirements important? The answer to this question is simple. Look, you want to conduct a dissertation interview and collect data. What if you get data or interview an audience that does not have an idea of what your research topic is? You will get useless opinions. Therefore, considering the audience requirements of the interview is important. Also, every research serves different needs and purposes. To completely achieve the research objective, it is imperative to finalise the requirements of the audience.

What are the requirements of the audience for the research interview?

After reading the information above, you now have a pretty good idea of the audience requirements and their importance in a research study. However, you still do not have any idea of what those requirements are. So, let’s not make you wait further. A brief description of all the audience requirements is as follows:

First things first, the confidentiality of the research results is of utmost importance to the research audience. Therefore, it is the first requirement of the audience for a dissertation interview. It means that before you start interviewing the participants, you have to fill out a consent form in which you agree that their identity will be kept secret. Also, the consent form tells that the research participant is ready to provide information.

2.     Make the research purpose clear

A research interview’s audience requires you to clarify the research purpose. Therefore, before conducting the actual interview, explain the purpose to them. Explain to them where their data will be utilised and how it will be utilised for purely research purposes. It is an important requirement that you must fulfil. In case of any difficulty, hiring a masters dissertation help service can be much helpful.

How to finalise the audience requirements?

After discussing the audience requirements, let’s now discuss how to finalise such requirements. By answering the following questions, you can easily finalise the requirements. So, the questions are as follows:

1.     Who can provide the best information?

Do not forget to carefully analyse all the aspects of audience requirements for a dissertation interview. So, decide carefully about who can provide the best information about the research topic. It depends entirely on the research problem context. The reason is that people with technical skills or those in power and authority cannot answer the questions related to religion and society. So, deciding on who can provide the best information is the first audience requirement for a dissertation interview.

2.     How many participants are needed?

Deciding the number of participants required for the research interview is also an important requirement. It depends on the method of conducting an interview. In the case of focus groups, 4 to 12 research participants are enough. Although groups with more than 8 respondents are difficult to handle, it depends on the researcher. So, it is the second requirement of the audience for the research interview. An important thing to note is that if you have decided to invite 8 people, it is still good to go with 10 participants. The reason is that two participants may not come for an interview due to some reasons.

3.     How to contact the participants?

Finalising this requirement is very hard for any researcher. It is because this audience requirement depends entirely on the community with which you are working. To decide this, simply observe the local customs or communication means that your research participants are familiar with. You can also decide this by meeting the local health workers and knowing from them how they contact people. So, choose this based on these things. However, it is ideal to contact the participants a week before the interview.

4.     How many groups are necessary for research?

It is the last question that seals off the audience requirements for a dissertation interview. Deciding on the groups required for research is very important. For example, you are studying the effect of alcohol on people. Now, in this example, you have to decide the ages of the research participants who are going to be a part of the research. So, you can simply group the people based on their ages. You can make a group of people 21-30 years of age, another group with 31-40, and another with 41-50. So, this is how you finalise the requirement of how many groups are necessary.


Conclusively, recruiting the right research participants and making the groups representative of the whole research is crucial for a dissertation interview. The research participants must meet all the requirements mentioned above. As a researcher, you must also meet their requirements, i.e., confidentiality. Hence, read all the information given above and collect the right information from the right participants.