How to choose the best Amazon Product Photography service for your business

How to choose the best Amazon Product Photography service for your business

September 14, 2022 0 By Admin

It is a popular opinion amongst marketing professionals that it takes just eight seconds to convert a visitor into a buyer. When a visitor looks at your listing, it’s crucial that you catch their attention quickly and effectively through captivating visuals.

Product photography for Amazon is not hard to learn, but it can be pretty tricky and time-consuming to master. You can definitely do it on your own, but it would probably take a lot of time before you can present something worthwhile to your customers.

Hence, you don’t just need product photography but rather the best Amazon product photography you can get. 

The good news is that there are many Product Photography Services to choose from across the internet. The bad news is that you might find it hard to choose one. 

Don’t worry though, read along as I discuss the qualities of a good Amazon Product Photography service so you can make the right decision for your business.

What constitutes a good Amazon Product Photography service?

Every service has its own set of pros and cons that you need to look out for, although most of them mostly showcase their pros.

However, with a little bit of research, you can weigh benefits against the drawbacks and figure out if the service you’re interested in would actually be beneficial for you.

Experience in Product Photography for Amazon

The first thing to consider when choosing a service is their experience working within the Amazon bubble. An Amazon Product Photographer would know the caveats of the marketplace and provide you with exactly what you need in terms of images optimized for Amazon. 

Compare Pricing

You usually do not need to break the bank for Amazon Product Photography. Comparing prices of different service providers to find the one which fits your budget the best.

Be wary of service providers that may be offering their services for too cheap, as the quality of their work may not be upto the mark. On the contrary, some might be charging you unjustly for their services which would make you a victim of overcharging. 

Check out their Portfolio

Service providers usually have a portfolio of their previous work in place for new clients to make a decision. Carefully go through the portfolio to gain an idea of what your images may look like.

If you do not like the style of their work, chances are you won’t be getting anything different when getting your own images done. As a result, it’s better to move on to your next option.


It is highly likely that you won’t be completely satisfied with the first bit of work that you receive. It’s difficult to get your exact ideas across and to achieve it you do need to redo somethings. As a consequence, you want to look for a service that facilitates you with revisions.

Although you would like a lot of revisions, service providers usually do not offer unlimited revisions with their standard packages. However, you can easily find ones that offer atleast 3 revisions at no extra cost.

Turnaround times

Putting your business on hold as a result of late deliveries is an unfavorable outcome. To avoid being in that frustrating situation, it is important to note the service provider’s estimated turnaround time and plan in advance. 

Moreover, you can also read client testimonials to see if the service provider gives the due work on time.


For your Product photography to be done, you need to first ship the product to the service provider. Shipping can cost a lot of time and money, making it crucial for you to choose an option closer to you. A few good service providers connect clients across the world with studios in various countries.

Apart from the heavily taxing shipping, communication can also become a hassle for service providers outside of your local timezone. This can prove challenging for both parties to exchange feedback and ideas.

In Conclusion,

Hiring a good Amazon Photographer can transform your business. Hence, it is a pivotal part of your marketing strategy and something that requires a lot of time and effort invested into it. 

Research and question service providers that you’re interested in to clear any doubts you may have before setting everything in stone, in order to avoid disappointments later on. Being transparent about your demands along with constructive feedback throughout the service is important to achieve your desired results and reap the benefits of Amazon product photography.