How to Buy and sell guns online

How to Buy and sell guns online

December 5, 2022 0 By Scarlett Watson

Sell used guns quickly and easily. Sell inherited weapons of all kinds to authorized buyers. Inexpensive weapons from hunting handguns for sale tasks or sports tasks, liquidation of weapon collections. All weapons that are legal in Europe can be sold here.

Weapons that are used daily are advertised here. So check back often for our new releases!
If you are looking for something unusual, regardless of whether it is a weapon or accessories, hunting supplies or anything else from our subject area, you can also place a free wanted ad in the Sell weapon section.

legalgunshop is a classifieds market for weapons, accessories and ammunition. We are not an arms dealer and do not buy weapons or anything else. We also do not sell weapons or do valuations.

Sell Legacy Weapons
Selling heritage weapons is always a difficult subject. Your spouse or close relative has just passed away, and to add to the grief, the local gun authority needs to persuade you to sell the deceased’s gun(s).

Our tip: Talk to the local weapons authority about it. Request that you be given sufficient time to sell the guns. The staff there are usually very affable and understanding. Talk to a friend of the hunter / rifleman brother or other close acquaintances of the deceased about the temporary storage of the guns by LOAN CERTIFICATE.

It would then be nice to work with this person to assess the selling price of the guns and ammunition in question, take pictures with a good camera and then place them with us.

Some arms dealers are only too well aware that the heirs are under pressure and they can then buy the guns well below value just to appease the authorities.

Waffenbörse – your number 1 gun sales portal in US
At legalgunshop, the top sales portal in US for firearms of all kinds, every gun lover gets their money’s worth, because we have a large range. Whether for hunting, as a collector’s item or sports equipment, our selection is huge. With us you can not only buy used weapons, only rifles or pistols, but also collectibles and ammunition or accessories of all kinds for most models. You can also advertise your weapon on our website.

On our weapons sales portal you can not only buy used firearms, but also unique items and the necessary accessories. We also have collections and other types of weapons such as knives, swords and hunting clothes.

A selection of used guns like no other.

legalgunshop is constantly updating its range of firearms and accessories to meet the needs of our many customers. We have a wide selection of used firearms, as well as rare, unique items, such as:

Long guns: We have an impressive range of hunting rifles, sporting rifles, lieutenant’s weapons, decorative and salute weapons, collector’s weapons, muzzle-loading rifles and other used weapons.

Handguns: We offer used pistols, muzzleloaders, revolvers, air or gas pistols, as well as blank pistols and accessories.

Free weapons: We have a range of used weapons that can be sold over the counter, such as air rifles and pistols, blank pistols, crossbows, sports and hunting bows, paintball, airsoft, and collector’s items. Knives, swords and bayonets as well as used decorative weapons.

ammunition or accessories. We have a huge range of gun accessories, such as gun cabinets, parts, knives, telescopic sights and optics as well as hunting clothing.

Historical weapons

Are you looking for something very special and want to buy historical weapons? Are you a collector? Then browse through our sales portal, you will find real treasures.

Your companion when buying used guns

We will also help you to buy and sell your heritage and other used guns, which is not very easy in US as is well known. At Waffenbörse you will find further, detailed information on US weapons law and regulations for the purchase of used firearms. If you still have questions, our team is always available for you, with us you are in the right hands.

If you cannot find the gun or ammunition holsters for sale you are looking for, please leave your request on our website. We will do our best to find the model you want and get it to you as soon as possible.

Do you have a large collection that you would like to sell? This is not a problem either, because you can also advertise entire collections on legalgunshop. Would you like to buy historical weapons? We are happy to assist you.