Graphic design for businesses

Graphic design for businesses

November 17, 2022 0 By george.e.allen94


Graphic design represents the image and the first impression of a structure. It brings together all the visual elements (but not only ones) that define a brand image and help companies easily identify.

Why is graphic design useful for businesses?

Graphic design is a generic word. It can bring together several very different disciplines. Still, ultimately all have the same objective: to help a company to convey a message, share its values, make itself recognizable and visible to its target customers, communicate, etc.

Companies contact prospects, customers, employees, collaborators, and candidates daily. All these entries and exit points can be optimized by graphics design firm by adopting good reflexes in digital or traditional communication.


The essentials for a business

Imagine a crowd of 500 people.

Everyone is dressed the same; the same black pants, the same white shirt, same shoes.

Each individual has the same face as his neighbor. So how do you recognize yourself?

Now look carefully among these 500 people, there is 1 with an orange shirt. she stands out, and it is the color that distinguishes her from the others.

Similarly, in graphic design, media companies can use numerous, and many companies already have them. However, to distinguish you, there are some that we still think are essential for a professional image (whether your company is in B2C or B2B).

For further

Graphic design has no real limits. Wherever you look, you can see them everywhere around you. Declined in several disciplines, here is an overview of what we can do in graphic design.


The visual identity comprises all the elements that contribute to your brand image. In addition to the logo, the choice of typography or the colors, the visual identity can be extended to an image bank to be used in your brand communications.

It can also contain sound elements and short animations available on different media to identify your company (think of the SNCF jingle, who doesn’t recognize it?).

As indicated before, the visual identity is thus described in detail in a guide called the ‘ graphic charter. ‘


An image is sometimes worth more than 1000 words; companies, particularly marketing teams, quickly understood that it was necessary to combine content and form to reach more audiences and send a more engaging message to prospects.

There are many rules and tips for optimizing marketing campaigns. However, even if natural referencing and content strategy seem to be effective and profitable approaches to attract visitors to a website, the visual still has an important place to catch the eye and make you want to know more.

Some examples of graphic design on marketing materials:

  • Flyers, brochures, leaflets
  • Commercial brochures
  • Magazines, catalogs
  • Posters, web banners or social networks
  • Presentations, stand or vehicle coverings
  • Advertising clips, animated banners
  • Le packaging


With the rise of digital, graphic design has increasingly adapted to the requirements of the web. UI design then appeared important to design interfaces (of sites, applications, software, etc.) that are user-friendly, that is to say, with which it is easy to interact and which are pleasant to browse. And use.

In its own right, this profession takes on an important place when we think that Internet users stay a maximum of 2 to 3 seconds on a site page before deciding whether to stay or leave.

Some examples of graphic design in UI design:

  • Creation of web pages
  • Design of web and/or mobile applications
  • Game or e-learning interfaces

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To decorate an office, direct visitors or dress up an event stand, graphic design can also help with all signage supports.

By providing visual cues, people will be directed or accompanied through a journey while aware of where they are and the business hosting them.

A real commercial asset, signage can also extend to the wrapping of vehicles that can represent your company while meeting customers.

Some examples of graphic design in motion design:

  • Markings
  • Signage for offices, museums or conference rooms
  • office decoration,
  • Stand dressing
  • Vehicle wrapping


Graphic design is pushed even further when it comes to animating certain graphic elements and making short videos called ‘motion design.’

These videos are then edited with soundtracks, and we can sometimes have a mixture of graphic and illustrated elements that move like cartoons or short films, interviews or short videos.

Ideal for energizing web pages or even illustrating concepts that are sometimes difficult to explain, motion design allows you to highlight a message in a very short time while making it easier for your visitors to understand.

Some examples of graphic design in motion design:

  • Presentation videos
  • Tutorials
  • Animated banners
  • Advertising campaigns

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