Eight Tips to Survive Law School – A Guide for Law Students

Eight Tips to Survive Law School – A Guide for Law Students

June 10, 2022 0 By ahmed_aja

Law school is both difficult and stressful. To be blunt, the first year of law school is one of the most challenging stages of legal education. It seems like a test to determine if you are ready to become a future experienced lawyer, from the period of adjustment to the culture shock that comes with it.

You’ve heard all the stories from family members, friends, and coworkers. You’ve seen a lot of shows and films about the study and practice of law. Surviving law school is no laughing matter. It’s a “survival of the fittest” situation when your GPA and overall performance are important to your career.

Eight Tips to Survive Law School

Now that you are about to step into the field, or maybe you’ve started your first year already, you must wonder how to survive this entire period. But don’t worry! With these eight tips, you’ll understand how to get through your degree, have a good time, and get great results.

1.      Don’t Forget to Take Notes

Though several students are comfortable using a laptop in class, it’s easy to lose track of time by reading CNN or celebrity news during a dull lecture.

Numerous students usually try to avoid the often-painful courses by relying on a professor’s slides or case briefs, but this will not help them succeed. Regrettably, law professors have a reputation for putting obscure laws or favourite complex cases on the final exam.

Try to stay attentive enough to jot down information every time the professor brings up a topic they believe is important or noteworthy.

2.      Try Finding a Support Group

No one manages to survive law school alone. The best skill law school might teach you is to get help. Having a group of friends who understand you and your academic problems can be extremely beneficial.

Look for classmates who have the same study habits as you. Thus, it can help you share ideas with them to understand the subjects better. Having a peer group is crucial because it motivates you to work harder to pursue your law degree.

Be mindful that you are not alone! Even the most accomplished individuals require assistance from time to time.

3.      Don’t Hide in The Classroom

Trying to hide in the back of the classroom may be enticing when the Socratic Method is used in law school classes.

Unfortunately, numerous law professors know your deception and will still summon you. They’ll call on people based on their last names, so your last row seat won’t save you. If you’re gutsy and sit in the front row, your professors are more likely to respect you.

4.      Don’t Compromise Your Well-Being

The study of law should not be taxing for your well-being. So, never devote an entire day to studying. You must also take time to relax and unwind.

You will struggle to perform better if you do not get the proper amount of rest your body requires. It is important to focus on your health while pursuing your law degree.

While studying and practising law is essential, it should not take precedence over your health. If you are not healthy enough to function as an outstanding individual in the Bar, your license to practice law will be useless.

5.      Always Consider Asking for Help

Keep in mind that there have been students before you in the same class, with the same professor, and in the same situation. Do not be afraid to seek assistance.

It’s perfectly acceptable to inquire your alumni about how your professors ask lecture questions or conduct exams. Just be respectful, proactive, and confident enough to ask for what you want.

Moreover, for academic assistance, you can also hire a professional law dissertation writer who can help you manage your workload and get the best possible grades.

6.      Don’t Rush to Memorise Everything Instantly

One of the most fundamental rules in law school is that you must be capable of understanding what you’re reading before memorising it. You must be able to put what you are reading into context.

If you rush to memorise concepts immediately, there’s a good chance you’ll forget them after a short period. Remember, it is preferable to understand something before memorising it.

7.      Purchasing Study Guides Is Not Frowned Upon

Several legal concepts are more difficult than others, and your professor’s teaching method may not be your cup of tea. Here’s where study guides come in handy.

If you do research online, you’ll find plenty of legal study guides. Some are superior to others, and the formats range from outlines to sample questions to textbook-style summaries that are less dense. Professors frequently recommend “hornbooks,” but these can be dry and not much more useful than your assigned legal textbook.

Request recommendations from your classmates and professors, but searching sample pages online and visiting a bookstore will help determine which format will most benefit you.

8.      Remember to Always Stay Humble

Keep your head in the heavens but your feet on the earth. Remember that just because you have more legal knowledge does not give you the right to dismiss others. Your desire to become a lawyer should be motivated by a sense of justice and morality.

The field acts as a catalyst for change. Change for the greater good. Maintain your humility because it is required in practice. People see you as a helping hand. Therefore, they respect the status of the law, not because you are famous or powerful.

Final Thought

Undoubtedly, law school will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you all. Don’t take this opportunity for granted. You are fortunate to have been accepted into law school. Don’t squander it! We hope these eight tips assist you in performing better and achieving goals in the legal field. Best of luck on your journey!