Can sex toys help you in your single life?

November 23, 2022 0 By Scarlett Watson

Good question, but I wouldn’t know where to start other than to say, I’d say yes.

Those of you who have ever been there will understand what it means to be alone and reflect on a past love or on our first story that united us in passion and made our hearts and bodies beat in every sense.

We all start single is nothing more than the first phase of a process that changes over time and that brings us closer to the discovery of new transgressions and causal or pre-established incontri erotici.

From the era of the creation of the world everyone was alone, God created Adam single to then bring Eve closer to him, and thus begin the couple process.

Now we all know how it went so let’s not dwell on the discovery of the forbidden fruit, which was not so forbidden after all.

Have you ever imagined what a single life in Heaven on Earth would be like?

Have you ever thought about Adam masturbating?

Well yes, questions asked with logic are never ridiculous or ridicule, but they open up very important scenarios in the mind.

Think of Adam spending his days alone especially in the morning that we know well what happens in man… do you think there is a bit of frustration in this?

Well I would say yes, mankind is projected towards procreation and the appeal to sexual instincts does nothing but increase the imagination.

In my opinion, in singles fantasies are more accentuated precisely because they imagine things that, not having a partner, must first be thought of, therefore the imagination comes into play and then experimented even with sex toys alone.

How can we not agree with people who discovered during the lockdown that they have a good capacity for imagination, how can we criminalize these sexual objects that during the pendemic helped relax hormones and endorphins in order to better or expel all the stress caused by pandemic anxiety.

Blessed to those who invented these objects, blessed to those who contributed to the growth and exploration in the erotic field such as approaching escort lugano.

We all have a sex toy in our homes that consoles us when we have stress, anxiety, anger or we have lost a love that perhaps shared a lot of sex with us.

For example, I have 4, even as a single and during the lock down I started to discover this fantastic world and I don’t deny anything, on the contrary, I learned a lot to appreciate my body, to make non-existent points strong for me, to discover erotic points that I didn’t even know existed.

What to say about the famous erotic zones in women: I list a couple of them:

  1. The scalp. Massaging a woman’s scalp with your fingertips causes the immediate release of endorphins: never underestimate this area, just as don’t underestimate a few strokes on the hair!
  2. The navel. It is a part of the body that must be reconsidered, absolutely
  3. Belly rubs and navel kisses can be a really pleasurable experience for a woman The knees. The skin on the knees is extremely sensitive, especially the back
  4. The inside of the arms and the inside of the elbow: areas to caress with the tips of the fingers or the tongue, to literally drive her crazy!
  5. The hands. In women, hands are important: take her fingers in your mouth and suck them looking into her eyes: thrills guaranteed!
  6. The nape of the woman’s neck is a sensitive area as almost all of them like to be touched at the base of the hair and be massaged.

The mind ,I may seem trivial but the erogenous zone par excellence of a woman is the brain; the birth of desire and arousal and the possibility of reaching orgasm depend on it. Only when the mind is free from thoughts and worries can it let go. If the brain refuses to abandon itself, it is possible that the body does not respond in any way to the various solicitations made even in the parts of the body notoriously considered more erogenous.

To date, the use of sex toys associated with what our mind can do is incredible, just think of remote vibrators, clitoral suckers, anal plugs, really sometimes I wonder what if it weren’t for the feelings and human warmth of the partner it would be of little use, that is, you can also masturbate remotely with the new technology vibrators. Or if you don’t want to have a part of the opposite sex, you can opt for strap-ons widely used by women who have relationships and incontri trans friuli who identify with men.

It has been established that sex toys in everyday life not only improve singles but also couples who approach to experiment with fantasies with erotic objects like in porn movies but more at home.

Little remains for us to say that each of us lives our sexuality spontaneously, also because if done well by many satisfactions, but not only does it increase passion and self-esteem in relationships, giving character to the shy woman and instilling security in the dominating woman. But not only does it make the man who is ready for everything give pleasure and relief to the woman precisely because he is sure after having experienced it.

The sex toy that makes things easier for men Contact with a vibrator at the base of the penis can cause sparks Ā«The vibrator really amplifies sensationsĀ»

I want to conclude by saying that it has also been scientifically proven that sex toys in any age and condition are used not only enhance the immune defenses but also promote cell regeneration.

Also a little gem on 3sex toys that you didn’t know you had at home and that can transform a normal evening into a really hot situation!

  • The electric toothbrush used in the correct way!
  • the cucumber or banana cover yourself with condoms or wash them well
  • Brushes and spanking: brushing your hair until you feel pleasure that replaces the clitoral stimulator

So all I have to do is say experiment that it doesn’t hurt.