5 Best OCR Image To Text Converters

5 Best OCR Image To Text Converters

September 14, 2022 0 By Scarlett Watson

The computerized conversion of photographs to written text is known as OCR (Optical Character Reader/Recognition). OCR image to text converter software is available in plenty and can assist you in converting text from photos into searchable files. These programs convert a wide variety of image file types into well-known file types like Word, Excel, or plain text.

In this article, we will get to know about the 5 best OCR convert image to text

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An AI-based OCR convert image to text tool called NanoNets digitizes data from various business documents and photo to text. By only capturing the data/information you need, you may automate manual data extraction operations. By emma raducanu parents photos automating laborious and error-prone manual document processing operations, productivity will increase.


  • Extract information from bank statements, insurance forms, medical forms, purchase orders, tax forms, invoices, and a wide range of other documents.
  • PDF search capabilities
  • rapid API responses
  • Conforming to GDPR
  • Available on-premises deployment
  • It offers live chat, email, phone, and contact form customer service. Quickbooks, Yardi, Xero, Sage, Oracle Netsuite, and Google Sheet are all seamlessly integrated.
  • It works with 32+ different languages, including Arabic, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Bulgarian, Croatian, and Filipino. It also provides Word files as a choice for input.


Convert image to text software like Businesscardscanner enables you to turn scanned PDF files and images into searchable and editable documents. It offers unique fonts that resemble printouts


  • Any printed document can be edited immediately. It makes it simple for you to copy and paste the content into other programs
  • You can export the file to Microsoft office using Businesscardscanner. You can transfer data between locations by converting scanned documents to PDF files
  • With the aid of this program, you can preserve the authentic appearance and feel of your documents. Customer service is available over the phone, live chat, contact form, and call requests
  • Conga Composer, Apttus, Selectica, Drawloop, Zuora, Emptoris, Salesforce, Servicenow, Workday, and Veeva are all seamlessly integrated

ABBYY Cloud Reader:

An entire printed or handwritten page can be recognised with the ABBYY Cloud Reader tool. More than 200 languages are detectable. You may convert image to text, into searchable MS Word, Excel, PDF, etc. formats with the use of this program.


  • Both desktop PCs and mobile devices are supported. Receipts and business cards can be recognised by this technology
  • Provided by ABBYY Cloud Reader is REST (Representational State Transfer).
  • It transforms acknowledged data into XML (Extensible Markup Language). This program offers libraries for Python, Java,.NET, and iOS.
  • It offers telephone, email, and contact form customer service. Integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office
  • It works with many other languages, including Vietnamese, Thai, Arabic, Farsi, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and many others.
  • Doc, Html, Txt, Odt, Xls, Ods, and Ppt are supported. The option to input PDF files in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint formats is available for exporting your document.

OmniPage Ultimate:

The software OmniPage Ultimate may convert your document into one that is simple to update and search. With little effort, it can scan files in any format.


  • Offer document formats that are ready for use.
  • This application can be integrated with mobile devices and printers. It supports a broad variety of programs, including HTML, Microsoft Office, and others.
  • This program can be launched from a network. netflix.com.code It offers customer service over the phone, live chat, and contact form.
  • Integrates without a hitch with Microsoft Dynamics AX, Outlook, SharePoint, and Dynamics CRM